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Powered by a large network of language and cultural experts in all of the world’s major geographic locations, CSOFT helps our clients in the travel and tourism industry deliver technology-driven multilingual communications solutions that strengthen your global brand by breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers.

Having worked extensively with the world’s leading companies in the travel and tourism industry, CSOFT has developed streamlined translation and localization processes and cutting-edge technologies that enable our clients to compete with confidence globally. Whether it’s your travel websites, multilingual advertising campaigns, or local market testing, trust CSOFT to deliver quality, efficiency, and breadth of experience for every project.


The airline industry is one of the most competitive markets in the world. Success depends on customer loyalty and delivering the best customer service ensures it. Don't treat your international customers as a second thought, instead target them with quality multilingual communications solutions that speak their language.


Whether it’s your in-flight entertainment, publications or customer-help documents, we have the solutions to deliver quality in every language.

Hotels & Resorts

When looking for information, global travelers are drawn to content that reflects their unique tastes, preferences and travel habits—in their own language. CSOFT hires only the very top localization professionals and certified linguists to help you step up your localization strategy. We provide resorts and hotel companies with quality and cost-effective translation services for a variety of documents, including website content, in-room directories, training materials, menus, event brochures and hospitality kits. By leveraging CSOFT’s local expertise, you will also understand the unique cultural characteristics of your target markets, thus deepening your customer relationships and increasing your international customer base.

Travel Services

Some localization experts argue that the tourism industry is the most reliant on language and translation services; that almost goes without saying as the target audience is in fact every citizen in every country around the world. Localization is key to its success and CSOFT is committed to providing its clients with translation of the highest quality, proficiency, and accuracy. Whether you’re a travel agency, a tour operator, a car rental company, or a cruise liner, we have specialized linguists to translate your travel-related documents including website content, flyers, travel videos, audio files, guidebooks, and newsletters.

Speaking with One Voice Globally

Reaching out to diverse audiences globally with consistently developed content across languages can be crucial to growing your brand and increasing profitability in a highly competitive industry. By combining wiki-based language technology with our large network of in-country linguists and cultural experts, CSOFT stands out as the leading choice to help unify your international brand across the globe.

Cruise Line Globalization

The continued growth of emerging markets around the world provide the cruise industry with unprecedented opportunities to attract international travelers. To ensure a top notch customer experience, cruise lines must localize their marketing literature, booking websites, as well as onboard entertainment and amenities into a variety of languages to meet the demand of its diverse customer base. Powered by our cutting-edge translation management technology and a large network of global linguistic resources, CSOFT provide cruise companies with quality translation services in over 100 languages for cruise reservation web portals, as well as ship and destination content.

Commonly Requested Services for the Travel Industry

The most respected companies in the travel and tourism industry use CSOFT to communicate their multilingual "voice" across the globe. Our breadth and depth of experience is unparalleled. Specifically, we provide language translation and brand marketing services in all of the following areas:

Ecommerce website globalization

Software Localization

Interactive and multimedia

DITA and WIKI based content management systems

Multilingual copywriting

Marketing Transcreation

Machine translation and post editing

Cross-border staffing

Bilingual staffing

International recruitment

Strategic planning and implementation

Education and training

Global reputation management

Crisis Management

Multilingual DTP

Marketing collateral

Promotional materials

Global advertising translation

Brand research and cultural consulting

Market research and cultural testing

Large scale consumer market testing

Global communication coaching

Document translation

Marketing collateral localization



Promotional materials

Customer survey management

Human resources materials

Voice-overs & subtitling

Television commercials

Short film productions

Radio spots

Multimedia advertising campaigns

Interactive web media

On-site and over-the-phone interpretation in 100+ languages


Conference Calls

Social Engagements

Medical tourism


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