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CSOFT’s proven expertise in high-quality technical translation for the life sciences industry is backed by our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified quality management system.

The CSOFT Life Sciences Business Unit leads the way in providing the highest measurable quality language services to this demanding industry. We understand the industry business and regulatory requirements. Our key stakeholders have worked as bench scientists, developed scientific & medical products, performed clinical trials, submitted information to global regulatory agencies and marketed products to international regions. With CSOFT, you can be confident that your brand, message and content will be received by your target audience the way you had intended. No misinterpretation, no confusion - just clarity.

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Measurable Quality

At CSOFT International we understand that quality in the Life Science industries isn’t just nice to have, but can save lives. Read more about how CSOFT handles your Life Science projects to ensure on-time delivery with the highest quality in the industry.

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Commonly Requested Services


CSOFT provides a full range of services to support all the language needs of life sciences organizations.


Advertising and Promotional Materials

End Point Documents

Clinical Studies and Reports

Product Packaging and Labeling


Patient Diaries

Product Data Sheets

Patient Consent Forms

Training and User Manuals

Outcomes Research Documentation

Patient Outreach Documents and Collateral

Medical Research Documentation

Cultural Consulting Services

Brand Marketing

Desktop Publishing

Multilingual Voiceover

Onsite Interpretation

Case studies & white papers

Our methodologies and technology-driven solutions, combined with cost-effective services help leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies save time and cut costs.

Translating the Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities

In today’s global community, medical companies are increasingly aware of the importance of accurately interpreting clinical trial results in order to obtain international regulatory approval for their drugs and medical devices. Since many of these trials and studies are conducted in foreign languages, it becomes crucial that the results are accurately translated back into English and other required languages.

Major Medical Device Manufacturer

Demanding the best, how our team was able to complete a large technical manual update in FrameMaker for 7 European languages with strict cost and turnaround requirements.

Don’t Leave Your Company At Risk By Not Properly Managing Terminology

The Life Sciences industry is swathed in regulations regarding industry and international standards compliance. Highly enforced to both uphold quality practices and ensure the safety of millions of customers worldwide, these regulations are a fundamental component of the health and sustainability of the industry and those it serves. With their comprehensive tracking abilities, terminology management systems prove to be a valuable tool for companies in the Life Sciences industry.

Terminology Management for Life Sciences Companies

The Art of Back Tranlation

How the CFDA is Changing the Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry


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