Enterprise Language Management


What does it mean to be world-ready with regard to communication across your entire organization? It means implementing systematic processes for upstream content creation and downstream content translation.


Language is rapidly evolving and global markets are expanding equally fast, so it’s imperative that large companies have an evolving platform that standardizes communication.


Working in collaboration with the most advanced CMS and terminology tools, CSOFT delivers an integrated, efficient, competitive approach to managing language.


Next-Level, Enterprise-Wide Messaging


We treat enterprise language management as a best business practice that cuts across functional areas. That’s why we start from the premise that building smart strategies and business processes should come before choosing and implementing specific tools. That’s what differentiates CSOFT from other solution providers.


To support marketing communications, technical communications, and translation personnel, we create a framework to govern the creation-review-approval process for English language and translated terminology. As a result, projects can be completed more quickly, with less re-work and greater savings.


With such a focused approach to managing, authoring, translation, and content, CSOFT positions global companies for enterprise-wide communication success. Such end-to-end discipline ensures that future translation projects resonate with local customers on multiple levels.


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