CSOFT’s culture defines how we work. We believe leadership means embodying a culture of doing better, going farther, and caring more for CSOFT's success and to support the great success of our colleagues and clients.

Executive Profiles

CSOFT’s executive team brings together decades of experience in the art and science of effective communication, localization, and globalization. It is how our leaders work together as a team that sets CSOFT apart.

Shunee Yee

Founder & CEO

Shunee Yee is the President and CEO of CSOFT International, a leading global communications and localization company. Responsible for its organic growth from a start-up...

Carl Yao

Executive VP, Strategic Development Founder, STEPES.com

Carl Yao is responsible for the strategic planning and business development of CSOFT’s services, products, and technologies...

Richard Chin

Managing Director, MedL10N Life Science Business

A well-published author and spokesman on the topic of life sciences localization, Richard has been instrumental in optimizing/streamlining the life sciences localization process…

Philippe Cao

Vice President Global Operations & China Sales

Hailed from Paris, Philippe Cao has a wealth of experience in localization and in helping Chinese companies...

Diego Di Leva

Co-Director, MedL10N Life Science Business

Originally from Italy, Diego Di Leva is a Senior GR Manager and focuses on Corporate GR and GLT. He started working for CSOFT as a freelance...

Linda Liang

Vice President Corporate Finance

Linda Liang is responsible for managing CSOFT’s accounting, reporting, and financial activities...

Paul Canton

Senior Director Corporate Communications

Living in Canada, Paul Canton is the Director of Marketing for North America and Corporate Communications for CSOFT International....

Sherry Wu

Vice President HR & Quality Management

Sherry Wu is responsible for supervising globalization deliveries, focused primarily on coordinating production resources to ensure quality deliverables...

Alma Gomez

Senior Director International HR

Alma Gomez is responsible for recruiting international talent across CSOFT’s China offices...

Jason Xue

Senior Vice President China Business & Operations

Jason Xue is responsible for leading CSOFT’s global business operations. Striving for company-wide operational excellence...

James Davidson

Senior Director North America Business Development

James Davidson is Director of Sales for the East Coast region of North America. Prior to joining CSOFT, he worked at several localization companies...

Jesse He

Vice President Customer Experience & Support, North America

Jesse He leads CSOFT’s initiative to provide worldwide support, accessibility and flexibility for optimal customer and partner satisfaction.

Martin Balaguer

Co-Director Localization Operations

A proven expert in the localization industry, process driven and goal oriented, Martin co-directs operations in North America for CSOFT.

Angie Zhang

Co-Director Localization Operations

Angie Zhang is co-directing CSOFT’s North America Business Unit, supporting sales, and is accountable for P&L...

Marisa Bowers

Executive Director Corporate Development

Marisa is responsible for coordinating global sales support for CSOFT’s top international clients....

Wing Kong

Director Corporate Finance

Wing is responsible for the accounts payable and overall cash flow management of CSOFT. With over 15 years of combined experience...


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