Game Translation & Localization


When playing a game, players fall in love with characters, worlds, and adventures within. Understanding the cultures, mythologies, and narratives behind the world is the only way to create new gaming universes that resonate with players on a deep and immersive level.

It’s important to allow your players from everywhere in the world, experience the same game, no matter in what language.

Leave it to the experts

This is where CSOFT comes in. Game localization is a unique requirement that cannot be addressed with the conventional translation model. Part of the challenge is a large portion of professional translators are not game enthusiasts.

CSOFT’s comprehensive game translation and localization services are powered by a team of professionally-trained linguists and native content creators with in-depth gaming expertise. We deliver quality translations that speak our clients’ language both technically and culturally.

Driven by a large social translation network that is enthusiastic about gaming, we have the right talent to translate game content with the necessary passion. We help game developers like you grow by reaching new global markets.

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Want to go further than just translation?

Story creation and content creation services

CSOFT’s Story Creation and Culture Consultation Services team helps construct stunning storylines with gripping environments that capture the attention of your global gamers.

From writing original scripts to testing beta-ready games, our culture experts are ready to make sure your game is always a winner in your target market.

Voiceover Services

At CSOFT, we understand that localization is more than just text on a page, it’s a tone, a register, a pitch, and a timber. Our voice services carefully consider how the voices of different characters can be localized for different audiences.

FIRST, our localization experts help you adapt and localize your characters’ lines with native, culturally fluent language.

THEN, we find you talented, native speaking voice actors in your target language to bring your characters to life.

THROUGHOUT this journey, we act as a cultural bridge between you and our talent.

Elaborating on character briefs, story details, and other subtle nuances that inform the final product – a final product that will resonate with your foreign audience.

Bring your game alive around the world.

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