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How can CSOFT help with my press release publishing needs?

The Global Communications team is experienced in writing press releases and creating other marketing content for major companies. Our team of expert writers can help you to overcome the challenges of creating content that will resonate with journalists and potential customers alike.

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Our team is entirely made up of native English speakers to ensure that the language and tone of our content are not only of the highest quality, but also culturally fluent to deliver the greatest impact for your brand.

Whether it is a press release, brochure or a website, our content specialists are experts in knowing your audience and developing the right content to target them.


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The CSOFT solution

Press releases are short documents that explain product releases, event announcements and any other newsworthy information from a company. They form an essential component of any public relations strategy.

Our content specialists write press releases to gain the interest of journalists and to convince them to cover your announcement. A well-written press release by CSOFT will lead to more news about your product or event. This will build brand awareness for your company and increase your exposure to more potential customers.

Journalists receive dozens of press releases every day, so we write them to stand out from the crowd and get maximum attention. Below are some of the features of a high-quality CSOFT press release written to maximize your chances of getting news coverage for your product or event:

Engaging headlines

The headline is the first thing anyone will read in your press release and our content specialists write it to be engaging and concise. Our headlines grab the attention of journalists so that they actually read the press release body.

Getting to the point

It’s unlikely anyone will read more than the first sentence before making their mind up on the topic, so our writers get straight to the point in the first sentence of the first paragraph with compelling copy.

Answering the 5 W’s and H

Our marketing experts answer the following questions to ensure the reader fully understands your product or event:

  • Who is this about?
  • What is the actual news?
  • When does this happen?
  • Where does this take place?
  • Why is this news?
  • How is this happening?

Keeping to one page

Journalists are busy and will probably see dozens of press releases every day, so they won’t have time to read through multiple pages. Our writers expertly condense the information and keep your press release to one page to increase the chances of it being read fully by a journalist.

Using data

An argument is more compelling with evidence to back it up. We use hard numbers in your press releases to support the significance of your product release or announcement.

Using quotes

Quotes make a press release more interesting and add a human element. We include quotes to add more information about your product or event, and to demonstrate why you are proud of it.

Including your contact information

This is essential as the whole point of a press release is to get journalists to follow up and write about your product or event. We create a “boilerplate” for your press release that includes the email address and phone number of the person you would like journalists to speak to.

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We also add hyperlinks to more information about your company, product or event. This will allow journalists to quickly find out more about your company and its mission. It will give you the chance to guide them to the extra information you want them to see.


Including standard elements

Our expert writers always include all the industry-standard elements in your press release. This ensures it will be understood by any reader on any platform.

Writing for the audience

The traditional press release was designed to be read by journalists with the aim of convincing them to cover the topic. However, websites are now available that can host your press releases and show them directly to your customers. We can write tailor-made press releases to suit any platform or audience.


Any mistakes in your press release will look unprofessional and journalists will be less likely to take you seriously. Our press releases go through a second round of editing to guarantee quality.


Clients including Huawei, Marriot Hotels and Tiens have trusted in CSOFT to write their press releases.


Is the largest group of native English-speaking writers based in China.


Has a unique blend of China knowledge, technical knowledge, and English language technical writing expertise unmatched anywhere else in the industry.


Is a uniquely experienced team with a diverse range of skillsets.


Includes CAS and tekom certified technical writing documentation specialists.

best practices

Consistently uses best practices to ensure the highest industry standards are met.

Our Clients

Some of the largest companies and organizations in the world have trusted COSFT’s marketing communications and press release writing services. We are equally at home providing marketing services to China’s biggest companies as we are providing the same services to international clients and organizations.

What kind of content can CSOFT create for me?

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