Renewable Energy

With solar spreading throughout Asia and Africa, and wind farms popping up all over the Middle East and Eastern Europe, localization has never been more important for the Renewable Energy sector.

CSOFT is proud to serve organizations in this field with our highly-qualified, in-country translation professionals. We recruit and use only language talents that have at least 5 years experience in translating the target language, and we carefully select from our resource pool to align the right people with the right projects.

For Renewable Energy projects, every engineer working on the translation will have had at least 3 years of experience in the field and will have demonstrated their expertise many times over. But demonstrated expertise doesn’t always preclude mistakes and when it comes to Industrial Automation translation, errors are costly and dangerous.

That’s why, for every project we do, CSOFT utilizes our ISO 9001 certified quality assurance method to guarantee the fewest mistakes.

BSI certification

M & A Support

The power and utility sector is experiencing a major period of transformation as M&A activity drives renewable energy technology into new markets. Successfully managing such a cross-border project requires intense sophistication across a number of disciplines and tend to add multiple layers of cultural-specific variables and risk to an already complex process.

CSOFT helps our clients anticipate and address the cultural and communication barriers that may complicate cross-border M&A initiatives. Through an end-to-end process that covers pre-M&A due diligence, post-M&A integration, and real-time, secure communication through state-of-the-art VDR (virtual data room) technology, we enable M&A teams to minimize risk and accelerate highly complex intercultural deals.

By partnering with CSOFT, companies get the specific economic, cultural, and foreign legislative experience necessary to navigate and negotiate whatever obstacles come their way.

eLearning Expertise

Also of the utmost importance for Renewable Energy installation and maintenance are proper training materials for local engineers. CSOFT is a top provider of localization services for online learning, eLearning, and mLearning (mobile platform-based learning) content.

We help our clients maximize their training tools’ effectiveness by making them not only linguistically but culturally accessible to the target audience.

With properly localized learning resources, companies are free to focus less on whether new employees are getting the process education they need and understand, and more on expanding operations in new markets.

Terminology Management

The number of moving parts in any Renewable Energy system is mind-boggling. That means that proper and proactive terminology management are key factors for localization and safety. Studies commissioned by CSOFT have found that the number one factor affecting translation quality is the inaccurate and inconsistent use of technical terms specific to a particular industry and often for a specific company.

Our proprietary terminology management platform – TermWiki Pro – is the LSP industry’s first terminology as a service (TaaS) system. It allows organizations to efficiently develop, manage and translate terminologies in an online collaborative environment.

The creation and maintenance of a multilingual database covering all of a business’s terminologies is particularly critical in the field of Renewable Energy because the technical terms used are very specific and accuracy is of utmost importance, but it can be a rather daunting project.

That’s why CSOFT employs a team of proactive terminology management consultants to help our clients craft glossaries that save time, reduce translation error rates by half, and typically save clients 20% on all their translation projects going forward. You don’t need to be a localization expert to see that makes sense.

Premium Support

We understand the importance of around-the-clock, global language support for our Renewable Energy clients, whether it’s a maintenance manual update needed at a Czech wind farm or an onsite translation services for a Shanghai solar trade show.

In addition to having multiple production centers in different time zones around the world to ensure that we are always available, our dedicated team just works harder so that our clients don’t have to. One of the most often heard comments from our customers is that CSOFT’s staff never seems to sleep!

Need localization expertise when moving your Renewable Energy business abroad? Let the best in the business help!

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