Software Localizationfor Medical Devices

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  • The Requirement
    One of our large medical devices clients needed to localize their radiography software for a line of sophisticated medical imaging devices for international deployment…
  • The Challenge
    CSOFT has localized many similar applications. We have developed mature processes for software GUI translation, linguistic and cosmetic testing, and internationalization…
  • Our Solution
    The CSOFT engineering team created an on-demand translation platform called Stepes (pronounced /'steps/) that automates most of the human touch points…
  • The Result
    The client was extremely impressed with our speed and high-quality turnaround. They are also very pleased to finally do away with minimum charges…

The medical devices industry is in the midst of a huge digital transformation. Medical device companies are moving beyond standalone and static devices to create a seamless, mobile, and connected experience for doctors, clinicians, and patients. These changes require technological innovations in all areas of the development of medical devices. This includes translation automation as it must now deliver the highest quality human translations quickly and on-demand.

The European Medical Device Directive (2007/47/EC) and similar regulations in China and Japan means medical device companies must localize their products to be in compliance. Many medical devices have limited display space which creates constraints on the length of the translated text as a result of translation expansion.

Localization testing on these devices can also be a cumbersome process. Translation consistency between what appears on the software interface and user documentation is crucial. All of these challenges require the translation vendor to have a tried-and-true process in place to ensure the best results, every time.

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