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The latest James Bond film, Skyfall, inspired our editorial team and crept into the theme of this edition of HQ. It features China Executive’s inaugural interview with Qing Xingcai, President of Lishen Battery Co., Ltd, where he discusses company values, global aspirations, and the next generation of leaders. In Turning up the Heat, we explore the pervasive use of social media in our technologically-reliant business world and the different approaches to online crisis. And in HQ Exclusive, we will introduce you to Maria Lustig, a Scandinavian entrepreneur who has more than 10 years experience living and operating a business in Beijing.

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China Executive Interview

This is the End of Localization

Why Isn’t China LinkedIn?

Turning Up the Heat

Managing Crises in the Age of Social Media

When doing business globally, cultural lenses are – by their very nature – an often overlooked, yet crucially influential element. Overcoming such hidden obstacles can prove challenging, even insurmountable at times, without adequate preparation or guidance.


As another year draws to a close, I find myself reflecting on what has been an invigorating and successful tenth year of CSOFT. This year we have celebrated our anniversary the world over with our 10-10-10 initiative – ten events in ten locations, signifying ten years.

Table of Contents

Take My Breath Away: Predicting blue skies in Beijing’s future
thanks to technological innovation
We Want You: Documenting the aggressive rise of China’s leading social app
Cloud Computing: An exposé on what is arguably the most technological advancement since Wi-Fi
NFC: What new-fangled contraption is this? Just the latest in mobile-money technology

Take My Breath Away

In recent years, Beijing’s smog-saturated skies have made many a headline, becoming a symbol of the environmental cost of China’s haphazard economic growth.

We Want You

WeChat – already having taken China by storm as Weixin – went global last year, effectively tripling its user base in less than nine months. So what is it about this app that has over 300 million users hooked and why should you be paying attention?

Cloud Computing

The most essential technological advancement since Wi-Fi.
Near Field Communication

NFC is the latest in mobile-money technology, effectively turning your phone into a credit card.

Gizmos & Gadgets

Chromebook Pixel
Spirit Steels
“Hot Cookie” USB Powered Cup Warmer
“Chips” Universal Wireless Helmet Audio
IN1 Multitool Utility Case for iPhone

Why Apple Chose Lishen

New Energy’s New Player

On the Shelf

Managing Global Innovation: Frameworks for Innovation
When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Cultures
Success in Africa: CEO Insights from a Continent on the Rise

Why Apple Chose Lishen

New Energy’s New Player, continued “Technological advancements will benefit the environment and lead to cleaner air, not just in China, but throughout the world.”

Why Apple Chose Lishen

New Energy’s New Player, continued “Knowing one language is 本能, an instinct that will enable you to survive in the world. Knowing two languages is 本事, an ability that will help you achieve success in today’s world.”

This Is The End

… of localization as we know it. Translation technology is swiftly advancing, and you wonder if in 10 years time, human translators will still be employed the same way.

Every End Means a New Beginning…

With major disruption on the horizon, new challenges await. To overcome them will require foresight and innovation on an unprecedented level…

The Game Has Changed

Beyond the Call of Duty

Stylish and Deadly

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