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Communication is about more than words. People express themselves in language, food, fashion, and ways of working. HQ Magazine shares our views of a global, interconnected world, covering trends in technology, leadership, and communications. It also shares the views of business leaders, especially from China, operating in this new East-West business context. In this edition of HQ, we find inspiration in new beginnings, examine innovation in China, and hear from the president of China’s leading battery manufacturer and new energy player, as part of HQ’s inaugural China Executive Interview.

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Wining, Dining, & Reclining in Beijing

On the Genealogy of language
It’s an East West Things!
On China, Leadership and moving from Good to Great
Kiss my Apps
All you need to know about the world’s largest smartphone market


The ancient Silk Road was not a single path but a network of land and sea routes that stretched from China’s east coast to the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and the peripheries of Europe. Together, these routes sustained regular commercial and cultural exchange between East and West from antiquity into the late Middle Ages.

Wuhou Temple

As summer glides into autumn, the pace of life accelerates: parents ready their children for another school year, farmers harvest their crops, businesses prime themselves for the last quarter, and our team at CSOFT prepares for the bustle that surrounds year-end activities. For me, as summer’s last breeze fluttered and autumn’s strong winds pulled me along, I experienced an unforgettable few weeks.

Table of Contents

Kiss my Apps
The Future of Energy Tech
Developing Mobile Technology in the Developing World
Gizmos & Gadgets
On the Shelf
Once Upon A Storytelling Time
It’s an East-West Thing!
An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
On the Genealogy of Language
Translatinator 2: Judgment Day

Kiss my Apps

As a child, when you thought of your future self living in the glistening technological Valhalla we all knew was just around the corner, what did you consider to be the one essential piece of technology you’d be using?

The Future of Energy Tech

As the global demand for energy grows, so too does the need for innovative solutions. Here is a visual depiction of the future of energy consumption, storage, and resources.

Celebrating 10 Years of CSOFT

The CSOFT Annual Summit is a venerable tradition amounting to a week of mutual learning, exchange, and teambuilding. Bringing together our worldwide team of clients, partners, linguists, executives, and special guests, it is an opportunity to share knowledge, exchange experiences, and engage in industry-specific dialogue.

Developing Mobile Technology in the Developing World

Colombo-Tantalite Ore… Every heard of it? More commonly referred to as “coltan,” this precious mineral is a key component in much of the technology we use everyday, yet most people know surprisingly little about it.

Gizmons & Gadgets: Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot

With Samsung’s new 4G LTE mobile Hotspot, you’ll never have to suffer from slow-internet-speed-rage in public again.

Once Upon a Storytelling Time

In today’s fast-paced, information-packed world, we need leaders who can inspire staff, communicate compellingly, and both engage and be engaged completely. Storytelling is an undemanding way to share knowledge, while simultaneously encouraging self-discovery, application, and development.


Dongxi, the Chinese word for “thing,” is comprised of two parts: dong (east) and xi (west). In Chinese, this word is used to refer to any object, just like its translated sibling in English.

It’s an East-West Thing

“What drives companies to success? People often credit success to a single big decision, a turning point that changes everything. But what of incremental change — the step-by-step progression to success that can’t be attributed to one singular moment?”

Q&A — How exactly did HQ get started? And why are we continuing it?

Q&A – continued…

“At our core, we all want the same thing: to have successful, mutually beneficial business relationships. The notion that companies from the West cannot achieve this with businesses in the East is outdated.”


The World’s Best Kept Business Secret
An App a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

With over 40,000 medical apps across iOS, Android, and other operating systems, it’s no surprise that Healthcare Global, a healthcare news and information provider, projects the global wireless heath market to be worth $38 billion by 2016.

On the Genealogy of Language

One of the many ways in which the Internet has irrevocably changed human culture is how it has affected language, specifically with the introduction of various neologisms.

Translatinator 2: Judgment Day

In the beginning, we all spoke a single language. So say the language creation myths of nearly all world cultures and religions.

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