HQ Magazine 2011

The first edition of HQ magazine supplies a fresh look at the localization industry. The cover story titled Moving from Localization to Local Sophistication, explores the difference between localization and local sophistication, and how it has affected a multi-billion dollar industry. In our Culture section, you will see the difference in business etiquette around the world and learn the “tao” of customer service. We also delve into the Beijing art scene and sit down with David Ben Kay, a long-time resident of Beijing and a former Microsoft manager, who renovated an old Bauhaus warehouse in the 798 Art District.

The Evolution of Language in a New and Digital World

Knowing the Unknowable TAO+

Moving from Localization to Local Sophistication

A Cinematic Look into the Changes of a Multifaceted Multi-billion Dollar Industry

A Peek at Beijing's Art Scene

Achievement, to me, means doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Kevin Wang, Multimedia Engineer

Communicating with linguists all around the world is a big part of my job. I enjoy it because communication leads to greater understanding, appreciation, and respect.

Sandrine Cambie, Language Resource Manager

Memories of the South

Steamed Mitten Crab with Vinegar Sauce

HQ: A CSOFT Magazine


Gettin’ Wordy With It

The Evolution of Language in a Digital World

Conversation. разговор.


Business Etiquette 101

The Tao of Customer Service

Customer Service Comes First


38 Back to the Future?

Up, Up, and Away: Technology in the Clouds

Collaboration Nation

Moving from Localization to Local Sophistication


It’s on the Plate

Talking Heads

The Once and Future ‘Jing

HQ Art

798: The Beijing Art Scene

The Fate and Future of Art

Beauty and the City

The Art of Language

Gettin' Wordy With It

Whether we use marbles or oatmeal to represent all the languages of the world, both similes illustrate the difficulty of understanding the global linguistic scene in its entirety.

Global Writing

The most basic rule of writing, regardless of industry or topic, is to know your audience.

The Evolution of Language in a Digital World

– A Chinese Perspective


An Interview with Rodion Shein

The Birth of a New (Online) Language

Business Etiquette 101

Globalization has opened markets, borders and opportunities that continue to broaden all of our world views and connected us with people whom we would have otherwise never contacted.

The TAO of Customer Service

If you’re looking for a concrete explanation of Tao, you’ve come to the wrong place. In fact, I’d challenge you to find a practical explanation anywhere, because Tao is by its nature unknowable.

The First Virtue: Maintain an Unwavering Focus

The Second Virtue: Acknowledge the Varied Nature of Perception



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