CSOFT's president and CEO Shunee Yee selected as Fortune's 2012 Most Powerful Woman Entrepreneur


CSOFT’s President and CEO Shunee Yee*, on stage with LearnVest’sAlexa von Tobel*, Wildfire’s Victoria Ransom* and Fortune Senior Editor at Large Pattie Sellers at Fortune's Most Powerful Women Summit (Laguna Niguel, CA, Oct 1-3, 2012).


Over the last decade, entrepreneurship has seen a rapid and invigorating surge, with particular focus on women entrepreneurs. According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), in 2010, 104 million women started new business ventures in 59 different global economies. In the same year, another 83 million women were managing business ventures that were previously launched at least three and a half years earlier. More recently, as specified by GEM’s 2011 Global Report, the number of entrepreneurs around the world is nearing 400 million, with 163 million early-stage women entrepreneurs.


In 2003, President and CEO Shunee Yee was also counted in the mix, as co-founder of CSOFT International. In the last nine years, not only have employees, global partners and clients of CSOFT been able to witness Shunee’s dedication, business acumen, drive and creativity, she’s also been recognized by the larger global business community.

In 2012, Shunee was selected by Fortune as one of the ten Most Powerful Women (MPW) Entrepreneurs of 2012. As CSOFT prepares to enter its tenth year, we are both humbled by next year’s milestone and excited to continue building on what we’ve created thus far.




Jessica Alba


The Honest Co.

Jill Becker

CEO and Founder

Cambridge NanoTech

Jessica Butcher

CMO and Founding Director

Theresa Fette


Provident Trust Group

Christiane Lemieux



Laura Mather

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Silver Tail Systems

*Victoria Ransom

CEO and Founder

Wildfire Interactive

Rashmi Sinha

CEO and Co-Founder


*Alexa von Tobel

Founder and CEO


*Shunee Yee

CEO and Co-Founder

CSOFT International

Congratulations to Shunee and

the nine other women!


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