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Four Conversations that Translators Love (Not!)






So what do you do for a living?


Oh, I'm a professional translator.


No, I meant your real job.










I speak two languages. So I can be a translator too, right? Just give me a dictionary, and…














Dear beloved translator,


I know it's 7:30 PM your time, but we got this last minute request from a client just now. It's only about 8,000 words and it's due tomorrow morning.


Would you mind translating this for us? I mean, you have nothing better to do, right?







We require a 5% discount on all projects. This discount is independent of your, erm... needing to eat and/or survive.











Home at last,where I can finish reading Twilight away from the smug, judgmental eyes of those stupid engineers.






Terminus! What are your doing in my house?


I felt you needed more structure in your life, so I have been helping you organize your house with the help of my trusted Wiki.





First, we organized your consumables by size, content and expiration date.


Next, we arranged your DVD collection by genre and cast. Then we cross-organized them by director, and hid your Twilight movies where nobody will ever see them - EVER.













Finally, we plunged into your cave - erm... your bedroom, where we organize all of your clothes by -




Terminus, did you go through my underwear drawer?




It was purely for organizational purposes!












Incidentally, did you know that I can say "granny panties" in over 100 languages?








I've never seen anything like it, Terminus. They're so... controlled and civilized. What'd you put in their tea?








You know, Janet I do think you're right. I seem to have mistranslated that term.


Now now, Nigel. Who's to say that I wasn't being too subjective with my review?






Seriously. These new discussion panels are... different. Last time we put a translator and a reviewer in the same room, one of them lost an arm.


I think I heard about that. Wasn't that the time you went all Temple-of-Doom on everyone?













I've got a sock full of quarters here who say THAT never happened, Wiki-boy.


My dear, I must say, I do admire your superior translation skills.


Stop it, Nigel... you're making me blush.






Those two are seriously starting to creep me out.















You called?


Geek-boy here's been managing their termbase on napkins. We need to clean up these files before Regulatory has a fit. Can you convert them to something more standard, like TBX?Ooh, or XLIFF!





Give them here! Nom nom nom































And here you are: one shiny new XLIFF file, perfectly in order.


Did he just-?








Just take the file.



And wash your hands.








Hey, I've got two tickets to the opera this weekend. You wanna tag along?






Tag along, as in... a date?








Well I dunno, Wiki-boy. Depends on how you define a date.






Source language: English. Definition: A social appointment or engagement arranged beforehand, often between two romantically interested parties.


Part of speech: noun or verb. Synonyms: appointment, rendezvous, tryst.






Go on....




Usage Status... Approved.





God, I love it when you talk data categories.


Do it again.


What are the other planes called and how many are there?

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