“The limits of your language are the limits of your world.”

– Ludwig Wittgenstein

With more than 6,500 different languages spoken in our world today, it’s fair to say that translation is one of the most important keys to today’s society. Language not only connects us to one another, but it shapes our way of life. In today’s shared global economy, where products travel to the doorsteps of consumers, the need for translation has evolved along with the world. Linguists who once shared knowledge with audiences around the world now serve a larger mission: sharing local perspectives. As the world becomes more globalized, the localization industry is taking center stage and linguists play a crucial role as they transform words and pass on new knowledge to audiences around the world.

For this reason, CSOFT International is pleased to introduce I Translate, I Transform, a campaign created to celebrate linguists around the world. It is with their help that global businesses can seamlessly and confidently enter differentiated markets. It is with their hard work that our clients can bridge the gap between their value-adding products and foreign market perception.

Through their efforts, the art of localization is breaking down the barriers between nations, making our world smaller. At the same time, as linguists help to strengthen global connections, they also broaden our horizons. They introduce us to new ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of life. Linguists don’t merely translate materials; they transform the world by connecting and uniting the people of many nations.

The campaign aims to create a platform where people can voice their support and pride for the art of translation. I Translate, I Transform aims to bring unity to different communities around the world and to acknowledge those who appreciate the art of language. Join us as we embark on the language revolution of the 21st century, exploring the unique ways that translation and transformation of language is shaping our world.

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