Top women in business share their New Year’s resolutions for 2015

December 30, 2014

new years fireworksYeah, we know: Resolutions are great in theory but seldom pan out the way we’d planned. We resolve to wake up early, exercise more, spend more time with family and forgo our favorite sinful foods in favor of healthier options. Kale, anyone?

But we can’t help but make them — because every year offers the opportunity to start fresh, to chart a new course, to do what you wanted to but didn’t the year before. So we asked some of the business leaders we’ve spoken with in 2014 what they are hoping to accomplish come 2015, whether personally or professionally, and they answered. Probably because putting it down in writing, on a national website, will serve as motivation not to let another resolution go un-accomplished.

Shunee Yee, CEO of CSOFT:

My 2015 resolution is about empowering my employees to do more. I hope to achieve this by further defining their roles, increasing their accountability and finding new opportunities for growth.

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