CSOFT Launches “Globalization · Shenzhen 100” to Release Annual Global Maturity Index

March 22, 2016

Localization Firm to Assist China Businesses in Going Global

CSOFT International Ltd., a leading provider of globalization and localization solutions, has officially announced the launch of the Globalization • Shenzhen 100, a research initiative that seeks to identify Shenzhen’s brightest, most promising companies and rank their global readiness.

Launched at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shenzhen—a city with the 4th highest GDP in China—the Shenzhen 100 is an innovative blend of hard data and qualitative indicators that provides a comprehensive ranking of global maturity among Shenzhen companies.

Home to industry leaders Tencent, Mindray, BYD, DJI, and Huawei, as well as burgeoning local companies ZTE and TCL, Shenzhen’s perpetual growth makes it an ideal location to launch such an initiative. With its leading position in China’s Economic Reform in the last 30 years, Shenzhen has emerged as a leading city for China business development, high technology, and innovation. By identifying the city’s most promising startup and globally maturing companies, the Shenzhen 100 seeks to become the go-to resource for investors, policymakers, and businesses for understanding Shenzhen’s economic and entrepreneurial landscape, and guide them towards actionable solutions for stimulating innovation, encouraging global expansion, and promoting the city’s long-term growth.

“I’m excited to collaborate with CSOFT,” said Shenzhen Vice Mayor Chen Biao, “I am pleased to find the objectives of the Globalization • Shenzhen 100 are perfectly aligned with the city’s future directions. This project will allow our city’s entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive globally.”

Vice Mayor Chen Biao’s speech was followed by a remark from Group Vice President of Mindray Biomedical Electronics David Yin. In his speech, Yin said he hopes the Shenzhen 100 project can help identify the ingredients for international success and assist companies as they tackle the risks and challenges of going global.

The Shenzhen 100 is executed by CSOFT Globalization Institute (CGI), a research arm under CSOFT International that focuses on analyzing globalization maturity in four core industries—healthcare, high technology, new energy, and consumer goods and services. Through its soft and hard data evaluation metrics, the CGI research team will analyze the global footprint of each participating company and perform a thorough survey of the firm’s globalization management effectiveness. Based on this information, CGI will consolidate a Shenzhen 100 report to better understand the city’s overall global competiveness and potential.

This year’s report, which will include a list of Top 10 Transformers, Top 10 Risers, and 100 globally mature or maturing Shenzhen companies, will be released at the Globalization • Shenzhen 100 Global Forum in June 2016. It will give participating companies an objective and thorough assessment of their future growth prospects in international markets.

“The entrepreneurial spirit of Shenzhen gives me confidence that more and more global innovators are going to come out of this mega city,” said Shunee Yee, President and CEO of CSOFT International Ltd. “Shenzhen has the potential to become the world’s next Silicon Valley but in order to do that, it needs to have at least 100 influential brands, and that’s what this project is all about. We are not only here to inspire the future, but to also position the city’s most opportune companies along the path to globalization.”

For more than a decade, CSOFT International has provided superior globalization solutions for Fortune 500 companies and leading businesses worldwide. To execute this ambitious endeavor, CSOFT has partnered with the Shenzhen government and its economic promotion bureaus. To learn more about the Globalization • Shenzhen 100, please visit http://csoftintl.com/shenzhen100 or email shenzhen100@csoftintl.com.

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