Mobile Learning Translation

In order to successfully cater your e-Learning program to multilingual audiences, you must adapt all training courses, including mobile learning content, to make them culturally and linguistically suitable for different audiences around the world.

What is mobile learning?

Mobile learning, also known as m-Learning, supports training and educational material across an array of mobile devices with emphasis on continuous and on-the-go access to information. Over the last couple years, m-Learning has grown at a rapid pace and is becoming heavily adopted in company training programs to provide employees with on-the-go learning solutions at their own pace.

By adopting and translating m-Learning, it provides a number of advantages:

Increased productivity

M-Learning increases motivation, productivity, and attendance. Studies show that 70% of learners were more motivated to use their mobile device for training rather than a computer.


Because people are not tied to a computer anymore, they can learn while commuting or on-the-go, holding especially true for the growing number of millennials influencing the workforce.

Global Readability

CSOFT’s mobile learning translation solutions allow our enterprise clients to deploy mobile-friendly learning content across geographical regions while ensuring cultural diversity regardless of where the content was created.

When working with a language service provider like CSOFT, your company can save valuable time and money by reusing and translating existing training content worldwide.

We are experts

Our m-Learning translation solutions ensure our clients can successfully deploy their training materials across all regions and languages, catered specifically to the target language and culture. Whether it is text, audio, or graphics, our team of professionals guarantees cost-effective and efficient translation of all elements in any format across any device.

As a language service provider with the necessary tools and terminology management systems, we guarantee an accurate representation of your content to the target audience, while reducing costs by storing previously translated words and segments, thus giving you a rapid return on investment.

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