Terminology Management’s Critical Role in
Successful International Launches

Terminology Management’s Critical Role in Successful International Launches White paper


  • What is terminology management?
  • Why should my organization manage terminology?
  • If my Language Service Provider uses a translation memory system, do I still need to create a termbase?
  • What do I risk by not having a terminology management strategy?
  • When is the best time to start a terminology project?
  • Are there any international standards for terminology management?
  • What kind of infrastructure is needed for effective terminology management?

Effective, efficient terminology management can make the difference between success and failure when introducing a product or service in a foreign market.

Terminology management is the activity of systematically collecting, processing, and presenting words that have special meaning in a given subject field with emphasis on the word systematically.

The goal of any terminology management effort is to ensure that the words that are most closely associated with a given organization's products, services, and branding are used consistently in the source language and in all the languages into which the various types of documents the organization generates are translated into.

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