The Silent Revolution
the Cloud-based translation management systems



  • A brief history of cloud-based translation memory technology
  • What's so great about cloud-based translation management systems?
    • No application to install
    • Up-to-date translation software, every time!
    • Translate on a Mac or mobile device?
    • Easy collaboration
    • Workflow, project management, and portal functions
    • Low cost solution
  • What's not to like?
    • Requires constant Internet connection
    • Privacy issues
    • Control over linguistic assets
  • Benefits outweigh drawbacks

If you are a translator or someone involved in translation, have you ever day-dreamed about a translation management system (TMS) that provides all its features without the headaches: a TMS that doesn't conflict with other applications; one that runs smoothly on any system including a Mac; a translation management system that you never have to update; and last but not least, one that doesn't cost you hundreds of dollars just to get started?

If this vaguely describes your vision, I've got news for you: This type of translation management system is a reality and has been for a number of years already.

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