Most Powerful Entrepreneurs Tackle Scaling and Failure

08 Oct 2014

CSOFT CEO among three entrepreneurs spoke on a panel at  the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

Shunee Speaks on the Powerful Women Live StreamMany of the interviews at the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit have featured women who head up large organizations — the likes of Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman, Melinda Gates of the Gates Foundation and Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM. But on Wednesday morning a trio of female entrepreneurs took the stage for a session called ‘Scaling Your Company’, all about the challenges and rewards of starting a business from scratch.

Debbie Sterling, founder and CEO of GoldieBlox, which makes engineering toys for girls, said her biggest hurdle was getting people to believe there was market viability for her product. To start GoldieBlox, Sterling quit her job and poured all of her time and energy into building a prototype. Initially, she was scared someone would steal her idea and even made her own mother sign a non-disclosure agreement before letting her see the product. In 2012 she officially launched the company, amassing an impressive lineup of advisors — mostly toy industry veterans. GoldieBlox toys, which include a mini zipline building kit, are now sold through Target, Pottery Barn Kids and other retailers.

“I am trying to innovate and not rely on these old stereotypes,” Sterling told the MPW audience.

Another entrepreneur on the panel, Shunee Yee, said the biggest risk she’s taken building her company was choosing China as her headquarters more than 10 years ago, a bet that has paid off. Yee is the founder, president and CEO of CSOFT International, a translation and localization services provider. As for her biggest challenge? “The toughest thing is really to define a focus — the easiest part is to get distracted,” said Yee.

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CSOFT International Ltd. is a world leader in localization and globalization consulting services, providing turnkey solutions for companies facing the challenges of engaging customers and markets across linguistic and cultural barriers. Recognized as one of the Top Innovative Companies in 2011 by IDC we have an award-winning international team. In 2012, the company’s CEO was named one of Fortune Magazine’s 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and a Tech Disruptor by CNN Money.

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