Top 50 diversity professionals in industry


The Global Diversity List

CSOFT’s CEO Ms. Shunee made this year’s Top 50 Global Diversity Professionals in Industry. This inaugural list is supported by The Economist and is the definitive global diversity standard that covers every strand of diversity, in every country, in the world. The 50 Global Diversity Professionals in Industry category recognises the achievements of individuals who have made the practice of diversity and inclusion their career. The results of the Global Diversity List will be released annually. See complete list here.

Shunee Yee – CEO, CSOFT (Global)

A ‚Fortune Most Powerful Woman Entrepreneur‘, Shunee Yee built her company CSOFT from her apartment in Beijing to be a global entity with over 450 employees and 10,000 contractors. CSOFT champions a global integrated market. It equalises the business playing field by offering cultural expertise, document translation services, and local regulatory compliance to international businesses.

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About CSOFT International

CSOFT International Ltd. is a world leader in localization and globalization consulting services, providing turnkey solutions for companies facing the challenges of engaging customers and markets across linguistic and cultural barriers. Recognized as one of the Top Innovative Companies in 2011 by IDC we have an award-winning international team. In 2012, the company’s CEO was named one of Fortune Magazine’s 10 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and a Tech Disruptor by CNN Money.

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