CSOFT CEO Shunee Yee Chosen as Business Promotion Advisor by Shenzhen’s Futian District


Leading Globalization Firm Brings Local Startup Companies into Focus

CSOFT's President & CEO Shunee Yee

CSOFT International Ltd., a leading provider of translation services and globalization solutions, announced today that its CEO and President, Shunee Yee, has been selected as a business promotion advisor by Futian Economic Promotion Bureau of Shenzhen. Through this cooperation, CSOFT and Futian District will work together in identifying some of the area’s most promising startup companies and providing information on value-added policy that can support the global growth of these companies.

”More and more Chinese high-tech companies have the vision of becoming global enterprises. As a leading provider of globalization solutions, CSOFT has the experience and depth to help identify and assist these companies in realizing their goals,” noted Ms. Shunee Yee, President and CEO of CSOFT International Ltd.

Through this initiative, CSOFT will work with the Futian District to help these companies measure their global maturity, analyze their readiness to go global and help them to understand some of the risks and difficulties that come with going global.

“Very few Chinese companies go global without a problem; we would like to help more businesses increase their global competitiveness to reflect how capable Chinese companies actually are,” added Yee. “However, their ability to localize in foreign markets quickly and efficiently will determine how successful they will ultimately be in their globalization efforts.”

As one of the primary areas for modern services and technology growth, Futian District is home to some of the most high-growth companies in China. Moreover, the district’s leaders are also considered to be some of the most progressive local governments and are known for their eagerness to support their best and brightest companies.

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