CSOFT Launches Online Translation Review and Validation Platform


ReviewIT, the Localization Industry’s First 100% Visual Document Review Platform, Now Available in Three Powerful Versions

Beijing, China (November 16, 2010) – CSOFT International ReviewITLtd., a leading provider of multilingual localization, testing, and software development services for the global market, announced today the official launch of ReviewIT, the localization industry’s first web-based, collaborative document review and annotation platform. Developed in direct response to clients’ localization needs, ReviewIT provides users with a centralized platform to share files, automate file handoff, track commentary, and customize annotations, thereby eliminating costly delays throughout the translation review and validation process.

“ReviewIT was designed to help our clients streamline their approach to translation review and validation–a process that’s notoriously messy and time-consuming. Our goal was to develop a platform that facilitates an efficient and straightforward review process,” said Shunee Yee, President and CEO of CSOFT, and the 2009 Stevie Award Winner for Best Female Entrepreneur in Asia. “ReviewIT helps smooth out the translation workflow for project managers, translators, and reviewers alike with its intuitive GUI and project tracking features.”

Prior to ReviewIT, no product in the localization industry directly addressed the pitfalls inherent in the translation review process. To fix that, this new system provides a centralized, web-based platform to share, comment on, and store files within a completely graphical interface that both fosters dialogue and tracks it to the letter. The benefit of ReviewIT is in its ability to minimize a company’s exposure to costly release delays that result from dealing with countless e-mails, transferring files via FTP, juggling multiple versions of a document, converting file types, capturing and implementing feedback, and impressing on reviewers the importance of delivering their comments on schedule. With ReviewIT, users can benefit from the simplicity and automated functionality of a single collaborative platform. In other words, review it, pass it–you’re done.

Available in three versions, ReviewIT’s Starter Edition provides access to the basic functionality of the product for free “test-drive” use. It comes with a full suite of online annotation functions, including document viewing, sharing, conversion, project tracking, and definable notifications. The free Starter Edition allows interested companies to try out the system with 30 free pages. The Professional and Enterprise Editions include more support, unlimited file upload, advanced user permissions structures, and customizable API calls to allow users to tailor the system to better fit their own localization and translation review workflows. All three versions deliver a user-friendly interface that equips translators, reviewers, subject-matter experts, and project managers with a functional “one-stop shop” workspace.

“The translation review process has been in need of a make-over for a long time, and ReviewIT is the answer,” says Matt Arney, the head of CSOFT’s North American Business Development. “ReviewIT offers a ton of components to help make the entire process easier to digest. From color-coding, highlighting, and time-stamping notes, to a reliable email notification system that informs you when documents are updated–everything is completely traceable. AT CSOFT, we are excited to be able to contribute and deliver solutions like ReviewIT that help our clients gain more control over their translation and review processes.”

For more information on ReviewIT, please visit: www.csoftintl.com/technology/reviewit.

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