CSOFT International Ltd. Launches TermWiki


TermWikiBeijing, China – CSOFT International Ltd., a leading provider of multilingual localization, testing, and outsourced software development for the global market, announced today the upcoming launch of TermWiki, the localization industry’s first multilingual, collaborative and Wiki-based terminology management system. TermWiki is currently undergoing beta testing by a select group of Fortune 500 companies across the globe, and will be released worldwide early this spring.

“For years, the localization industry has been clamoring for a more intuitive solution to the challenge of effective terminology management,” said Uwe Muegge, Director of MedL10N at CSOFT, who previously served as the Senior Principal Terminologist at Medtronic and is currently a member of the U.S. delegation to ISO on terminology. “TermWiki is the answer everyone’s been waiting for. Our wiki-based terminology management solution will revolutionize the business world’s approach to translation and multilingual content management. TermWiki enables users without prior terminology training to carefully manage the collaborative content creation process in real time, ensuring that, in all stages of product development, their organization consistently speaks with one voice.”

TermWiki significantly expands upon the traditional approach to multilingual terminology management, providing a powerful user-friendly environment that will streamline the terminology development, management, and execution workflows for terminologists, translators, and project managers alike. It comes complete with enhanced Google-like fuzzy match search capabilities, state-of-the-art automated notification features, detailed accessibility and user profile management, a carefully structured dispute resolution infrastructure, image and video support, as well as customizable forms embedded in the system to facilitate compliance with relevant ISO standards for the presentation of terminological data categories.

Furthermore, TermWiki will redefine accountability for organizations in the Life Sciences, Manufacturing, and IT industries, wherein traceability and version control are of the utmost importance. Owing to TermWiki’s exhaustive and automatic tracking features, information regarding who changed what, when, and why are instantly available to users with the appropriate access profile.

“TermWiki’s open structure allows for complete customizability,” added Ms. Shunee Yee, President and CEO of CSOFT, and the recent winner of a Stevie Award for Best Female Entrepreneur in Asia, “so companies will no longer be confined to the rigid functions of their current terminology management systems. The time for off-the-shelf technological solutions has passed. TermWiki can be fully customized to meet the unique terminology management needs of our clients, and it’s exciting to know that we at CSOFT will be playing an important role in the new wave of cloud-based content management solutions available in the localization community.”

TermWiki is scheduled for public release in early Spring. A generic version will be provided under an open source software license to companies that are ready to take their terminology management practices to the next level of precision and control.

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