CSOFT International Launches TermWiki App for Android


TermWiki App gives Android device owners free access to TermWiki´s two million multilingual entries

Danville, California – CSOFT International, Ltd., a leading provider of multilingual globalization services and language technology, announced today the international release of TermWiki Mobile App for Android. Completely free, the app provides Android device owners with instant access to TermWiki´s database of terms in of over 1400 subjects and 97 languages, directly from their mobile phones.

“TermWiki Mobile is the best dictionary reference app available to Android users,” said Carl Yao, Executive Vice President of Global Development. “With TermWiki Mobile, users are able to search for terms within a specific industry or browse through search results categorized by subject and domain. By effectively indexing search results on a clean, easy-to-read interface, TermWiki facilitates user-friendly information retrieval while resolving the problem of generic information.”

TermWiki Mobile also offers easy-to-use, powerful functionalities that compliment the Google-like search capabilities. For example, users are able to view images, listen to term pronunciations in 20 languages, and see translations in up to 97 languages. Language learners can use TermWiki to learn a foreign language, such as French, Chinese, or Spanish, and travelers can use TermWiki´s live translation feature to communicate with people in different countries.

Planned developments for future upgrades to the app include access to TermWiki´s social learning features, such as messaging capabilities, a question-and-answer portal, and a user search function, all in a mobile context. Users will also be able to contribute to TermWiki´s database while on the move by adding terms and definitions or translating existing terms directly from their mobile device.? Future plans also include developing an iOS app for Apple devices.

“By bringing such a large collection of terms into the mobile sphere, CSOFT has again placed itself at the forefront of localization technology,” continued Carl Yao. “Android has never been so multilingual!”

To try the mobile app, feel free to download TermWiki Mobile for Android today!

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