CSOFT Announces Introduction of L10NPRO 3.0 At 6th Annual Worldwide Summit in Beijing


Beijing, China – CSOFT International Ltd., a leading provider of multilingual localization, testing, and outsourced software development for the global market, announced the upcoming launch of L10NPRO 3.0 at its 6th Annual Worldwide Operations Summit in Beijing, China. L10NPRO 3.0, scheduled for release this fall, is designed to be a practical, no hassle localization management enterprise system that incorporates all areas of a typical localization workflow, such as quotation, TM leverage, project tracking, review, delivery and invoicing.

“CSOFT’s L10NPRO will offer streamlined solutions for every day localization challenges,” said Shunee Yee, CEO of CSOFT International, Ltd. “L10NPRO is highly automated and straightforward to use so it will be much more nimble than other similar systems.”

One of the important features of CSOFT’s L10NPRO is the Engineering Memory (EM) and the ability for the system to “learn” in order to process various file formats. EM is a cutting-edge technology developed within CSOFT that borrows the concept of Translation Memory (TM) technology. EM will provide engineers with the ability to reuse previous engineering work performed for the same file type, dramatically improving file preparation efficiency and consistency. The other important feature is L10NPRO’s EM Editor to edit once a new file type is processed so that the system can automatically process files with the same format thereafter.

L10NPRO’s customizable and straightforward Web 2.0 interface will allow companies to experience immediate localization productivity gains with ease from their own web browser. Unlike other systems on the market that were developed exclusively by technical engineers, CSOFT’s L10NPRO is the collaboration between its project managers and L10N engineers. CSOFT’s project teams have been using L10NPRO to manage localization projects internally for years, which is how it is able to seamlessly adapt its workflow in this practical manner. The system is now being released externally to offer true savings for clients, and the client will not have to worry about hidden costs, maintenance, learning curves, or constant upgrades. The client gets all the management help with a simple click of the mouse.

“Competitors require customers to make significant capital investments – often in excess of $200,000 USD plus expensive yearly maintenance fees,” continued Yee. “CSOFT is revolutionizing the TMS space by offering the use of L10NPRO for free so our customers can save significant costs. Entrepreneurial thinking is the catalyst for evolution and the launch of L10NPRO 3.0 is yet another example of how CSOFT is the industry leader in providing creative solutions. By putting our clients first, we are also hoping to enhance our services for them and improve efficiency.”

In addition to announcing the fall launch of L10NPRO at this year’s Worldwide Summit, CSOFT also brought in industry experts from Beckman Coulter, Inc., Microsoft, Lavasoft and Common Sense Advisory to address its worldwide team.

“Hosting such events where a diverse group of people, internal employees as well as external clients and experts, can gather for further knowledge within the industry is one way CSOFT hopes to distinguish itself within the industry,” continued Yee.

Tammy Werner of Beckman Coulter addressed the entire company on the “Unique Challenges with Medical Device Translation and Localization.” Ben Sargent of Common Sense Advisory discussed “How TMS is changing the landscape of language services.” Jason King of Lavasoft led a session on “Global Sales Strategy” to CSOFT’s worldwide business development team. Will Knight of Microsoft () also met with the team to share marketing strategies and sales alignment to drive growth.

“Information sharing is often confined within certain industries,” said Jason King, CEO of Lavasoft. “CSOFT’s Worldwide Summit is a great example of partners willing to break through those boundaries, to achieve growth for themselves as well as for those partners around them,”

CSOFT has one of the largest technical resources in with a global network of operations spanning from Boston to San Francisco, and as well as language teams in European and Asian markets.

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