CSOFT’s culture defines how we work. We believe leadership means embodying a culture of doing better, going farther, and caring more for CSOFT's success and to support the great success of our colleagues and clients.

Executive Profiles

CSOFT’s executive team brings together decades of experience in the art and science of effective communication, localization, and globalization. It is how our leaders work together as a team that sets CSOFT apart.

Shunee Yee

President and CEO

Shunee Yee founded CSOFT in 2003 with the goal of establishing the company as the world’s leading globalization firm…

Will Knight

Executive Vice President, Global Growth and Operations

Will Knight is an international business leader with over 20 years of experience…

Carl Yao

Executive Vice President, Global Strategy

Bringing more than 15 years of experience to his role at CSOFT, Carl Yao is responsible for…

Jason Xue

Senior Vice President, Global Technology & Globalization

Jason Xue is responsible for leading CSOFT’s global business operations.

Linda Liang

Vice President, Finance

Linda Liang is responsible for managing CSOFT’s accounting, reporting and…

Wing Kong

Corporate Finance Controller

Wing is responsible for the accounts payable and overall cash flow management of…

Jesse He

Vice President, Worldwide Support & Customer Experience

Jesse He leads CSOFT’s initiative to provide worldwide support…

Sherry Wu

Executive Director, Global Operations & Quality Delivery Committee Chair

Sherry Wu is responsible for supervising globalization deliveries, focused…

James Li

ISO Representative, Globalization Operation

Having led CSOFT to become certified for both ISO9001:2008 and…

Richard Chin

Senior Director, Life Sciences Business

A well-published author and spokesman on the topic of life sciences localization, Richard has been instrumental…

Klaus Hermann

Chief Representative & Lead German Linguist, CSOFT Germany

As Chief Representative and Lead German Linguist, Klaus heads the German CSOFT…

Hiroshi Matsumoto

Chief Representative & Lead Japanese Linguist, CSOFT Japan

Hiroshi is responsible for managing CSOFT Japan’s daily operations and also…

Marisa Bowers

Senior Director, Global Account Management

Marisa is responsible for coordinating global sales support for CSOFT’s top …

Alma Gomez

International HR Manager

Alma Gomez is responsible for recruiting international talent across CSOFT’s...

Koji Iwamoto

Business Unit Manager & Beijing Site Manager, Global Services

Koji Iwamoto is responsible for managing some of CSOFT’s top accounts...

Philippe Cao

General Manager, China Localization Services

Hailed from Paris, Philippe Cao has a wealth of experience in localization...


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