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Project Background

Talking into and at machines has been a reality since the days of Edison’s phonograph but technology has come a long, long way since then.

Today, speech recognition systems powered by artificial intelligence and the latest hardware electronics are improving dramatically every day and have become sophisticated enough to not only help commercially – handling phone inquiries at customer call centers and performing sales calls – but have also become part of consumers’ daily lives; virtual voice assistants on mobile devices are used for hands-free email writing, text messaging, or even for making dinner reservations.

To meet the increasing demand for multilingual voice-driven applications and to reach more of the world mobile market, our client decided to deploy its voice application in multiple countries and needed to optimize its beta releases using transcribed live-data gathered directly from users.

The Challenge

Transcription must strictly follow highly-detailed, unique guidelines (30 pages of them) as well as its target language supplements to meet high-quality standards, but the time constraints of this project made this process even more difficult.

The large pool of sample voice data coming in from all over the world was given a maximum 48-hour turnaround time, regardless of the day of the week or whether it was a holiday, and this constant flow had to be maintained for several months.

Additionally, the volume of incoming data was impossible to predict because a launch of this scale – simultaneously in 11 countries – hadn’t been done before.

Our transcription teams in each of the 11 locations needed to scale quickly in order to guarantee our client’s satisfaction.

The CSOFT Solution

CSOFT was engaged by the client to achieve overall efficiencies owing to our voice related localization experience, multilingual transcription expertise and technological know-how, as well as for our proactive project management.

CSOFT ensures quality with well-trained, expert transcriptionists and a comprehensive quality assurance (QA) process

High quality transcription hinges upon having the right talents with the right training, and the right QA process.

Immediately after the client gave the go-ahead, CSOFT began the transcription team selection process. This project was particularly challenging because of the necessary size for the teams and requisite speed and specialized knowledge of each transcriptionist. To meet the challenge, our Global Resources Team utilized CSOFT’s Tá talent management system. Picking from within our large network of linguists, they chose well-qualified candidates in the 11 target countries and regions. From those prospects, finalists were chosen based on their transcription quality, years of experience, and responsiveness.

Due to the complexity and uniqueness of the project – where certain skills highly valued in traditional transcription had to be suppressed – selected candidates were put through a rigorous weeklong training course to familiarize them with the necessary guidelines and sample file studies. Only after strict testing were the final transcription teams assembled.

To further increase the speed and precision of transcription, CSOFT engineers wrote automating scripts that ensured transcription writing rules were properly applied and added an extra round of QA to our usual human proofing process.

Guaranteed Turnaround with Proactive Project Management

Without proactive project management, a maximum 48-hour turnaround -including weekends and holidays – over a stretch of several months would have been impossible. Upon project kick-off, CSOFT assembled a dedicated team consisting of a lead project manager, a number of assistant project managers, and 1 account manager – all with extensive experience – to provide the client with round-the-clock assistance, and similarly, our teams with round-the-clock support.

In addition to daily email communication, weekly reports including action items and detailed project tracking sheets were sent to the client for an overview of the project’s status. Weekly conference calls with the client’s project managers ensured the smoothest possible project execution.

Internally, weekly project team meetings were conducted to review current projects and available resources for both near- and long-term planning. Doing so allowed the CSOFT team to proactively manage our resources and handle greater-than-normal volumes of data for swift transcription.

The Result

The project was completed without a hitch and the client was very satisfied with the results produced by CSOFT’s teams. The speed and quality of the work that CSOFT produced helped make the product’s international launch a great success.


CSOFT has since become the client’s strategic partner and has, for the past five years, serviced all their key business units with services from transcription, to translation, multimedia localization, data collection, and testing.

The moral of the story is: have your resources at the ready and manage proactively to prevent problems before they begin. Put far more poetically by Dr. Louis Pasteur: “Fortune favors the prepared mind”.

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