Cloud-based translation memory tools are changing the way translators work and train



  • What's so great about cloud- based translation memory systems?
    • No application to install
    • Up-to-date translation software, every time!
    • Translate on a Mac or mobile device? No problem!
    • Easy collaboration
    • Workflow, project management, and portal functions
    • Low cost solution
  • How are cloud-based translation tools changing the profile of professional translators?
    • Clients want shorter translation turnaround times, which requires more collaboration among linguists
    • More collaboration requires more preparation
    • Cloud-based translation tools make it easier for universities to offer translation tools courses

Cloud-based translation memory systems have been available for more than a decade. Based on recent translation tools surveys and anecdotal evidence, the vast majority of translators continues to use desktop translation software.

Despite the fact that cloud-based translation systems offer many advantages over traditional desktop products, including support for multiple linguists working on the same document at the same time and, due to the subscription business model, the need for a dramatically lower initial investment.

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