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Project Background


In 2013 CSOFT was contacted by a Shenzhen, China-based leading global biomedical device manufacturer. After experiencing great success in their home market, the company had embarked on an aggressive expansion program in Europe that included an advertising campaign in medical industry magazines to build awareness of their brand. But after five years of driving their marketing campaign, the firm failed to see commensurate increases in sales. They realized they needed outside expertise.


Following meetings about the localization of the company’s marketing materials, senior management breached the subject of branding with CSOFT executives. We were engaged to create a branding strategy to successfully position them in their new target market.


What We Did


Within three months, CSOFT assessed the design aesthetics and language of the advertising materials. The company had had been using an older layout from a successful Chinese campaign, unfortunately, that messaging was too passive to effectively engage European prospects.


CSOFT’s globalization consultants conducted a survey of key opinion leaders, the influential, high-profile doctors and surgeons who contribute articles about our client’s industry to a variety of publications. We discovered that there were some very negative impressions of the company, many of which revolved around its perceived Chinese-ness. Not only was the client’s messaging approach too humble, the imagery was off target. The overall concept needed to be reworked to eliminate false biases. The goal was to increase brand equity through greater positive consumer recognition and depth of feeling.


We suggested a more direct and confident approach—including direct versus indirect assertions—that would appeal to the target audience for these expensive, advanced devices. CSOFT’s in-country European branding experts developed a stronger tagline to accompany the punched-up campaign.


In addition, we created a training guidebook for the client’s marketing staff that included visual and verbal templates to allow them to create their own materials. The templates can be changed while still maintaining consistency and power in messaging.


Why Choose CSOFT?


Brand identity is central to a company’s success. Entering new markets gives brands a tremendous opportunity for global growth, but also presents pitfalls in terms of culturally-appropriate communication and execution.


Unless organizations are able to redefine their messaging with these considerations in mind, they are likely to waste time and money and potentially create a negative image.


To capitalize on global marketing opportunities, it’s essential that companies understand the perception of their brand messaging in different cultures and tailor it accordingly.


The client company selected CSOFT for global branding and campaign development services because they had experienced our translation services and knew we had an unrivaled customer-care attitude and the global expertise to help businesses like theirs succeed in new markets.


The Results


CSOFT worked closely with the client for nine months. The campaign launched in 2013 and continues through 2015, garnering excellent feedback.


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