Maintain consistency and build brand identity with a style guide from CSOFT

Large organizations often have multiple teams of writers that include vendors and freelancers creating and publishing content.

More often than not, documents such as white papers, user manuals, web pages, and marketing materials are written by more than one author.

The Global Communications team can create professional style guides to maintain consistency in the voice, punctuation, and style of your documents and across all of your published content. Our style guides establish a firm set of rules for how your content needs to be written.


Style guides created by our experts will tell a team of your writers when they should capitalize, whether to use British or American spelling conventions, how to punctuate sentences, and much more.

Maintaining this level of consistency not only creates a sense of predictability for the reader that makes the message easier to follow and digest, but also helps to build brand identity and image.

What are the components of a style guide?

A complete style guide made by our experts will provide you with rules and guidelines for the following:

  • Voice and tense
  • Sentences and paragraphs
  • Word selection
  • Spelling
  • Capitalization
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation
  • Word classes and possessives
  • Acronyms and abbreviations
  • Characters and symbols
  • General conventions and guidelines
  • Terminology
  • User interfaces
  • Readability
  • Word choice


Creating a style guide that’s right for your organization

We create the right style guide to fix the most common sources of inconsistency and points of conflict within your content. Our style guides will also set the proper voice and tone that is suitable for your brand. Our content specialists will customize your style guide to seamlessly match the mission of your organization.

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Having the right style guide from CSOFT will make it easier for your editors to review your content before it is published, and provide an invaluable resource for new writers on your team. Getting a professional and comprehensive style guide is the first step to creating consistency and quality in your content. CSOFT’s team of professional writers have many years of experience using and creating style guides and we can help your organization create and maintain the right style guide for your brand.



Reducing the risks from poor documentation

Companies lacking a comprehensive style guide suffer from:

  • Different structures and layouts across documents
  • Different word choices and explanations for the same concepts and products
  • Lack of brand development
  • Inconsistency leading to confusion for the user

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Using a comprehensive style guide from CSOFT to create documents prevents the risk of confusing the user through inconsistency, illogical layouts, and poor word choices. Consistent standards will build brand recognition and develop consumer confidence, growing your business.

Our team of experienced writers can create style guides for any type of document, including:  user guides, FAQs, technical manuals, white papers, marketing materials, training manuals and more.


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Need help creating a suitable style guide for your brand?


Clients including Alibaba, Hisense and Huawei have trusted CSOFT with their style guides. CSOFT’s Global Communications team:


Is the largest group of native English-speaking writers based in China.


Has a unique blend of China knowledge, technical knowledge, and English language technical writing expertise unmatched anywhere else in the industry.


Is a uniquely experienced team with a diverse range of skillsets.


Includes CAS and tekom certified technical writing documentation specialists.

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Consistently uses best practices to ensure the highest industry standards are met.


Industry knowledge and SMEs

Our team of writers will quickly become experts in your product, bringing in-depth knowledge from technical writing for top companies in various industries, including:

Our clients

Some of the largest companies in the world have trusted our style guide services. We are equally at home providing style guide writing services to China’s biggest companies as we are providing the same services to international clients and organizations.

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