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Technical Communications

Be an expert, wherever your business goes.

World-Class Communications


Allow us to create your documentation at the source, saving time and money, while ensuring the highest quality and amazing user experiences.

Communications and PR

Your message matters. We'll make sure that your voice is heard, and that your brand gets the admiration it deserves.

Design, Graphics,
and Publishing

Accurate drawings are central to effective communications. Our industrial design specialists will create images that truly connect with your users.

Who we are

We are China's largest group of native-English speaking Technical Writers. Combining our knowledge of the Chinese market, culture, and language with our experience of creating high quality technical documentation following western industry standards, we

Our Technical Communications team of fully native English speakers is based in China and we pride ourselves on effectively and efficiently bridging the language and cultural boundaries between your Chinese and Western branches.

The Value of Great Technical Writing

Reduce your costs and time-to-market by having your content created near your global R&D and manufacturing centers.
Simplify your documentation process by having us both create and localize your documentation.
Improve your communication and success with your Chinese teams using our language and culture experts.
Deliver a powerful message to your customers through perfectly crafted, experience-focused technical writing.

Our Success Stories

Creating seamless marketing communications to drive new opportunities and develop ABB's brand.

Developing technical and marketing documentation for one of the world's leading telecommunication brands.
Designing document templates and product graphics for China's leading electronic appliance manufacturer.


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