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CSOFT Press Releases

CSOFT Opens Office in China’s Manufacturing Capital
CSOFT President Shunee Yee to Speak at Fortune´s Most Powerful Women (MPW) Asia Conference with Intel´s President and Baidu´s CFO
CSOFT Kicks Off 10th Annual World Summit
CSOFT Celebrates 10 Years at the Summit
Commemorating a Decade of Success from Mt. Everest to Sanya, China
CSOFT Launches Term Assist, Helping Companies to Expand Globally
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CSOFT in the News

CSOFT examined as part of a case study by China Business Knowledge titled "A Word About Those Who Stay Private" — November 26, 2013

"While CBK focused on China-based/U.S. listed companies, I routinely come across interesting private companies based in China which have not, and may never, go public. In the spring of 2012, I was asked to speak at the annual global summit of a company based in Beijing named CSOFT International Ltd. The company focuses on "globalization" (often also called "localization"), working with many Fortune 1000 companies on translations, consulting on cultural issues for products and services, and identifying government standards.

At the helm of the company is co-founder Shunee Yee. I am fairly certain you would already know her name if CSOFT was a public company. Indeed, she has been getting some very impressive press in the last few years. She received a Stevie Award for Best Asian Entrepreneur for Women in Business (which is a bit short-sighted because she is probably one of the top entrepreneurs in Asia, no matter her gender). She was named by Fortune Magazine as one of the technology industry’s 36 most powerful "disrupters," and most recently, was selected as one of Fortune’s 2012 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs." Click here to read the full article.


CSOFT President and CEO Shunee Yee included in CaixinOnline article titled "Where is China´s Sheryl Sandberg?" – November 25, 2013

"At the recent inaugural Fortune Most Powerful Women Asia meeting in Hong Kong, prominent female Asian business leaders discussed economic issues ranging from financial reforms in China and beyond, innovation, technology and corporate philanthropy to board diversity and the next generation of leaders in the region." Click here to read the full article on CaixinOnline.


CSOFT’s VP of Globalization Services Ben Pinney delivers presentation entitled "Double Disruption: The End of Localization as We Know It and the Rise of Asia, Inc." at Localization World 2013 – October 11, 2013

"Localization as an industry and a profession today is a ‘normal science’ – organized around the needs and corporate cultures of mostly Western multinationals, around structures and paradigms built into established computing technologies and around established professional roles and boundaries. This is a world past its definition phase and looking ahead to a future of increasing standardization and commoditization." Click here to continue reading the presentation synopsis on the Localization World website.

"HQ Magazine's 'China Executive Interview' Series Will Explore Thinking of 'New China' Business Leaders" – Press release promoting CSOFT’s HQ Magazine launched by Business Wire – February 7, 2013

"HQ magazine, a publication of global communication solutions provider CSOFT International, plans to leverage its privileged access to Chinese executives by providing a fresh perspective and unique insights into the thinking of today's "New China" business leaders. Its "China Executive Interview" feature promises to bring a new dimension to China business coverage, going beyond the static data and statistics that typifies most reporting from the mainland.” Click here to read the full press release on Business Wire

President & CEO of CSOFT, Shunee Yee, featured in Fortune article for being named top ten Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs  of 2012 – September 27, 2012

"After nine years as an executive at two localization firms… Yee founded global communications firm CSOFT International. The opportunity to ‘unite business with creativity and bridge "global" with "local" by using the skills she had acquired was an offer she couldn't resist, Yee recalls." Click here to see the posting on the Fortune website.


CSOFT President and CEO Shunee Yee recognized as one of top ten most powerful women entrepreneurs of 2012 by Fortune – August 31, 2012

Recognized by Fortune for her entrepreneurial vision, innovative philosophy, and dedication to her employees, Shunee Yee was selected as one of the ten most powerful women entrepreneurs of 2012. In accordance with this honor, she will be attending the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, California from October 1-3, 2012. The summit serves as an excellent opportunity for some of the world’s most influential leaders to meet and discuss real-world issues and possible solutions. Click here to read the announcement on Fortune’s blog, Postcards.


President and CEO of CSOFT Shunee Yee featured in Fortune as one of tech´s 36 most powerful disruptors – July 2012

Having recently attended and spoken at the 2012 Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference in Aspen, Colorado, Shunee Yee has been selected as one of the technology industry´s 36 most powerful disruptors. Her contributions to translation technology and workflow efficiency tools in conjunction with her entrepreneurial experience running a multinational company make her a formidable force in the increasingly global tech world. Click here to see the Fortune article.


CSOFT´s Uwe Muegge published an article about cloud-based translation management systems in tcworld – July 2012

The silent revolution: Cloud-based translation management systems by Uwe Muegge

Cloud-based translation management systems are the type of translation tool many translation professionals have been waiting for. This new breed of tools offers many of the same features as traditional desktop and server products, but cloud-based services are much easier to launch and maintain. And, more importantly, cloud-based TM systems allow users to collaborate to a degree that´s simply unimaginable with the older type of translation tool. Click here to read the full article in tcworld


"CSOFT helps Chinese companies go global" – Article about CSOFT published in China Daily – July 4, 2012

´As a leading global communications company that provides globalization and language solutions for businesses around the world, CSOFT has high expectations for Chinese firms looking to go global.

Such business is expected to generate a quarter of the company´s revenue next year, whereas in the past, revenue was dominated by Fortune 500 clients requiring localization support in China.´ Click here to read the full article on ChinaDaily.com


Janet Stites of China Business Knowledge writes about her experience at CSOFT’s 9th Annual World Summit – June 22, 2012

"Since my last issue, I have had an incredible experience as the guest of global ‘localization’ company, CSOFT International, which asked me to speak at their annual ‘World Summit’ in Beijing. The company, which is private and with its headquarters in the World Financial Center in Beijing, was founded ten years ago by a collection of executives from Boston-based Lionbridge and friends. The indefatigable Shunee Yee sits at the helm. As a journalist, I am not one to ‘wax philosophic’ about a company, but CSOFT is the first truly ‘global’ company I have seen, with a diverse management team and a ‘world’ point-of-view." Click here to check out China Business Knowledge and sign up for Janet’s monthly newsletter


Vice President of CSOFT, Matt Arney, featured in Galaxy Newsletter, shares his experience as a panel member at the GALA-sponsored JTF show–March 2012

‘Thanks to the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), I recently had the unique opportunity to speak at Tokyo’s Japan Translation Federation’s (JTF) annual conference. Founded in 1981, the JTF is the largest association of translators and language companies in Japan. It’s quite well organized and boasts a healthy cluster of small, medium and large companies servicing Japan's language needs. I’m told more than 700 people attended the conference, making this one of the largest language shows in the world.’ Click here to read the full feature in the Galaxy Newsletter


TermWiki releases new mobile platform for Android, featured in MultiLingual – January 19th, 2012

´CSOFT International, Ltd., a provider of localization, testing and software development, has created TermWiki Mobile for Android. The app provides Android device owners with instant mobile phone access to TermWiki's database of terms in over 1400 subjects and 97 languages.´  Click here to view this posting on the MultiLingual Computing wesbite


CSOFT named one of the top eight innovative companies of 2011 by IDC—November 2011

"We are thrilled to be chosen as one of IDC´s top innovative companies of 2011," said Shunee Yee, CEO and President of CSOFT. "We are deeply committed to the development of enterprise technologies that support social solutions, drive productivity, enhance customer experience, and provide an excellent return on investment. It is a great honor to be chosen, and we are equally pleased to be in the company of the other seven great organizations and their respective contributions to this next generation of social business and consumer trends." Click here to read the full press release


CSOFT´s President and CEO Shunee Yee publishes an article in commPRO.biz on business success—November 2011

´I come from a very traditional Chinese family. Both of my parents are scholars by profession, so throughout my childhood, I was always surrounded by various scholarly groups and individuals in prestigious academic positions. And yet, in spite of this, I´ve gone about business a lot differently than what my upbringing might suggest.´ Click here to read the full article on commPRO.biz


President and CEO of CSOFT, Shunee Yee, selected as outsourcing industry´s most influential by Globalization Today—October 2011

´The Powerhouse 25 is an interesting mix of outsourcing customers, service providers, advisors and academia from around the globe from heads of their own businesses to chiefs of corporations. Their willingness to take risks, champion and speak out for a cause; entrepreneurial and pioneering spirit; passion for their work and industry; and relentless pursuit of excellence are commons traits you´ll see among these top influencers.´ Click here for the whole article on Globalization Today

Alongside the Powerhouse 25 article, a profile of Shunee Yee was also featured in Globalization Today. Click here to read the full biography

Ten good reasons why you should validate your translated terminology, with a spotlight on TermWiki, featured in tcworld – September 2011

Recent survey results suggest that more and more practitioners in the field of technical communication understand the benefits of maintaining client- or project-specific termbases. However, based on anecdotal evidence, it seems as if very few organizations currently have processes for validating translated terminology, i.e., employing subject-matter experts to check the suitability of those translated terms on the client side. This article outlines some of the major benefits of terminology validation, the most noteworthy of which is shorter time-to-market as a result of a more streamlined translation process.

TermWiki: Term-based Online Learning Platform, featured in technode – June 2011

It’s been a long time since the online learning or online education concept has been raised with the coming of the internet era. People expected the “school without walls” will be forged online, just like how they expected the rising of internet would free them from commuting. It just doesn’t happen. But at least, TermWiki is working towards the aspiration. According to the Beijing=based team, they’re building a “wikipedia for terms”, the site writes “TermWiki.com is aimed at sharing knowledge and connecting people with similar interests around the world. It’s like the break between classes: you can talk with your friends, pose a few questions, and learn more about the things that interest you.” Click here to read the full article on technode

CSOFT’s TermWiki changes the terminology management game, featured in tcworld – March 2011

´More and more practitioners in the technical communication and translation/localization field are beginning to understand the critical role multilingual terminology plays in the lifecycle of products and services, especially if those products and services are offered on international markets. What´s still not well understood is the fact that exchanging glossaries via e-mailed spreadsheets is creating almost as many problems as it solves.

All it takes to search, enter, upload and download terminology data in TermWiki is a web browser and an internet connection.´ Click here to read the full article on tcworld

CSOFT’s in-browser review platform, ReviewIT, was featured in MultiLingual – December 1st, 2010.

ReviewIT – in MultiLingual News.

‘CSOFT International, Ltd., a provider of localization, testing and software development, has launched ReviewIT, a web-based, collaborative document review platform. It is designed to provide a centralized platform for users to share files, automate file handoff, track commentary, and customize annotations.’ Click here to view the excerpt in MultiLingual.

David Grunwald, CEO of Global Translation Services, posted a blog about TermWiki in the GTS blog – November 22, 2010.

New tool brings the crowd to terminology translation and management by David Grunwald

‘TermWiki supports collaborative translation of terminology to enable a secure platform for sharing, editing and translating terms as well as developing personal glossaries online…

TermWiki comes with a set of useful features that apply to professional translators, online translation communities and localization professionals. Those of you who have experience with more traditional terminology management systems (like Trados Multiterm, Interverbum TermWeb and Star Webterm) will be happy to see that TermWiki relies on a more graphical, intuitive interface with a range of multilingual data available in just a few clicks.’ Click here to read the whole blog entry.

Shunee Yee, President and CEO of CSOFT, and Matt Arney, Vice President of Sales for North America, were quoted in Doug Tsuruoka’s article for Investor's Business Daily October 2010.

As China Expands Into America, Managing U.S. Staff Will Be Key by Doug Tsuruoka

"The next real challenge for Chinese companies (is) going global — some will make it, some will not".

A good litmus test for telling how well a Chinese company will deal with cultural differences is to look at its executive team, CSOFT's Arney says.
"Hopefully, there will be some diversity in the management structure: Chinese educated overseas, or Americans or Europeans on their management team," he said. Click here for the whole article.

CSOFT’s President and CEO, Shunee Yee, was interviewed by Doug Tsuruoka from Investor's Business Daily August 2010

Localization Services Help Make World Flat by Doug Tsuruoka

“When a U.S. company sells software to a big market like China, the product usually isn't ready for use right out of the box.

Everything from the characters you see on the PC screen to the online help to the printed manuals need to be translated from English into Chinese, says Shunee Yee, the head of Beijing-based CSOFT International. Also, screen layouts and labels must be altered to cope with the switch to Chinese characters.” Click here for the whole article.

XenCraft’s Tex Texin wrote about CSOFT’s 2010 Worldwide Summit in his blog, I18n Guy’s World of DifferencesJuly 2010

How I spent my summer vacation! by Tex Texin

“As I was preparing my visit to China, I mentioned to several friends in the industry that I would be visiting CSOFT. I was surprised at how enthusiastic their clients are about them and the high marks they get for quality and service. Those of you that know me, know I lean to localization providers that are strong on relationship and mutual understanding and that innovate their processes with technology enhancements. CSOFT is definitely in that category.” Click here to read the whole blog entry.

CSOFT’s Uwe Muegge published an article in tcworld on Terminology Management – July 2010

TermWiki: A new collaborative terminology management solution by Uwe Muegge

“TermWiki is an innovative answer to an old and persistent question: How to provide a structured environment for managing terminology in organizations that typically don’t have a high level of linguistic expertise? TermWiki offers the powerful multilingual management and tracking features large organizations require and yet is so easy to use that anyone with the most rudimentary computer skills will be comfortable with this system within minutes.” Click here to download the whole article.

CSOFT’s Uwe Muegge published an article in BioProcess International on Terminology Management – March 2010

Terminology Management by Uwe Muegge

“Effective terminology management is an essential risk-management strategy for biopharmaceutical organizations. With a terminology management strategy in place, organizations of all sizes can use the same terms consistently within and across the various documents and labeling that accompany a product or service. Because such documents are typically created in a collaborative environment, terminology management is the most efficient solution for ensuring that the organization as a whole uses the same terms to describe the same features and functions.” Click here for the whole article.

CSOFT’s President and CEO, Shunee Yee, published an article in ClientSide News on customer service and surviving the downward economy – January 2010

What We Are and Where We’re Going (PDF) by Shunee Yee

“In spite of the downward economy and in spite of the slashed budgets and lost jobs that are afflicting no small number of previously healthy companies everywhere, at CSOFT we have been fortunate enough to experience considerable organic growth in 2009. This isn’t intended as a provocation to those who have struggled in the past couple of years. Rather, my intention is to say, there’s hope out there. We’re in this mess too, but we’re surviving—and so can you.” Click here to download the PDF.

Donald A. DePalma, a highly respected localization analyst at Common Sense Advisory, featured a blog entry on TermWiki, CSOFT’s terminology management system – January 2010

TermWiki Lowers the Barrier to Terminology Management by Donald A. DePalma of Common Sense Advisory

“CSOFT announced TermWiki, a multilingual terminology management solution based on wiki technology. As a wiki, it is web-based, supports collaboration out of the box, and provides users with a familiar interface for managing a terminology database. The company hopes to overcome traditional objections to systematic term management.” Click here to read the whole entry.

For media enquiries, please email pr@csoftintl.com.


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